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Who is The Woodall Group? The Woodall Group, an exclusive buyer agency in Georgia & Texas, was founded by seasoned real estate broker Ron Woodall. His vision was simple: provide home buyers with unparalled service in buying a home. Unlike traditional real estate companies, The Woodall Group only represents buyers and does not list homes – ever!

What is an Exclusive Buyer Agent? Exclusive buyer agents are real estate agents that only represent home buyers. They do not ever list homes for sale, and they work to protect your interests as a buyer through the entire home buying process.

Why should I use one? Traditional real estate agents who list homes for sale are often motivated to direct you – the buyer – toward their own listings. Their reasoning is simple: if you buy their listing, they often receive twice the commission! This situation, when an agent represents both the buyer and the seller, is referred to as dual agency. When buying a home, using an exclusive buyer agent will protect you from dual agency. Since exclusive buyer agents do not list homes, they have no reason to direct you to any particular listing over another. Your interests are protected through the entire process.

Why should I use The Woodall Group instead of another exclusive buyer agency? Buying a home is a big decision, and the agent you choose is a critical piece of that decision. We encourage our potential clients to interview us along with other exclusive buyer agents they are considering. Interviewing your prospective agent is probably the best way to understand exactly the level of service you will receive. Check out the competition. We believe you will return to us! With years of experience in the San Antonio market, we have many satisfied clients who have volunteered to serve as references.??????????