Buyer Loyalty: It’s who we are!

Buyer Loyalty: It’s who we are!

It all started in 2004. I had an incredible idea to change the world of real estate.

I would be the first in the entire world to have a real estate firm that only represents
buyers. Quickly I became very humble because several hundred people had my idea before me!

Most of the real estate pioneers and current warriors belong to the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents or NAEBA. So, I was not a founding member, but I proudly joined the growing association.

If you read any book on how to be a successful real estate agent, the main emphasis is representing sellers. Essentially, the goal is to take listings to become prosperous.

As a member of NAEBA, we can not take listings because there is a vow to never represent sellers. We only represent buyers. There is a lot of risk in this model. Obviously an agent will limit their earnings by turning down listings.

Most NAEBA members are passionate about giving buyers phenomenal representation.
Quite frankly, it’s a cause they really believe in and the proof is the potential lost revenue traded for increased consumer satisfaction.

A conflict of interest could arise in a sales offer. Especially if only one agent or company is involved in the deal. No NAEBA member would ever negotiate for the seller. During a stressful time, buyers get loyalty and know the agent will always be on their side. In this model, it’s all about buyer loyalty.

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