My real estate story

My real estate story…… We’re different.

My company is unique. Actually, to my knowledge, no one in San Antonio is actively doing what we do in real estate.

We never work with sellers. Therefore, we are 100 percent loyal to the buyers. Still confused?

Its helpful to know my background. I’ve been in real estate since 1999. I started in a real estate firm with over 150 agents.

Every Tuesday morning, I faithfully attended the mandatory agent meeting. Most of the meeting was spent listening to agents promote their new listings, in detail.

The agents were encouraged to sell only the company inventory.  A seed was planted in my mind. Was this the best for the buyer? What if the best home was a listing with another company?

The system is not totally wrong. If you list a home with an agent, you want aggresive marketing. You would not want your agent to have an open house and tell a buyer the best home for the same price is located three blocks away!

Why is my company so different? We never represent a seller. No one in the company will ever represent a seller by taking a listing. So, when we show a home, our only interest is if it’s the best home for you, the buyer.  Only an exclusive buyer agency can give you this loyalty.

We are so glad to give San Antonio and Atlanta real estate buyers an option.

Ron Woodall

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